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In our last blog we shared the news about Sunvik winning the prestigious Times Business Award for The True and Most Reliable TMT Brand. The award is not just an appreciation for what we have achieved so far, but also a responsibility to keep doing better in the future. And we accept it with pride. There is no room for error, but there is always room for improvement. For us, progress is the only constant… evolving and rising to the next level.

We have already thanked all our stakeholders, who are the actual force behind the victory. In this blog, we take the opportunity to congratulate the other organizations that were nominated in our award category. But we also make sure to keep this healthy competition going. We will always strive for and hope to live up to the trust the consumers have placed on us and deliver beyond their expectations.

Why did Sunvik have the edge over other TMT Steel manufacturers?

Manufacture of TMT Steel is a high-investment, high-risk business, and manufacturers cannot afford to take it lightly. Every brand of TMT Steel is trying to bring their best product to the market. In this effort, the brand that puts extra effort in the manufacturing as well as the work culture, in terms of ethics, environment consciousness, etc., emerges the winner. At Sunvik, we stand on the unwavering Inner Strength of our exceptional work culture.

We produce Inner Strength not just TMT Bars:

For over 15 years we have made an impactful presence in the field of construction by focusing on innovation, technology, people and quality. Sunvik epitomizes quality in every action undertaken, which is reflected in its end product and endorsed by consumers as one of the most reliable reinforcement bars. Safety, satisfaction and happiness of customers has been our most prized reward in the effort to build a better enduring world.

We are an environment conscious entity both in words and action. Every operational process undertaken at the plant focuses on reducing the carbon footprint to the highest degree possible by employing green initiatives.

Sunvik Steels has invested more than 50 crores to set up a Wasted Heat Recovery Captive Power Plant of 10 MW to reduce the emission of Green House Gases. This Captive Power Plant generates energy by running on coal and waste gases only. This eco-friendly step has helped Sunvik reduce power consumption and cost, considerably.

Realizing that solid waste was a big concern to the goodwill of the planet, we started making efficient use of the solid waste output at the plant. Solid wastes captured from Sunvik’s captive power plant, sponge iron plant and steel plant are utilized to make flyash bricks and blocks.

This idea has not only taken care of the impact of solid waste on the environment but has also become the source of employment generation for the local population. Most of Sunvik’s workforce is strongly, locally rooted, coming from interiors of different parts of India, promoting the spirit of cultural integration as well.

All of this has helped us create a brand that manufactures TMT Bars with Inner Strength. And this Inner Strength helps hold all that is important in life together. Whether it is the physical structure or personal belongings, inner strength protects everything. The TRUE effort stands out in the brand promise.

After having put this much effort in our endeavours, it is only fair that we proudly yet humbly accept all the praise that comes our way. It is truly deserving. Our efforts do not stop here, our future plans involve looking for ways to take further steps in the direction of green initiatives. The next goal is to utilize the solar energy and achieve maximum power efficiency.

We say it again, our Inner Strength has shaped a successful path for us so far. The best acknowledgement of that, is the trust placed in us by the consumers.

To know more about Sunvik TMT and the local availability, please contact us:

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