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With global warming, experts predict that the planet may see a severe loss of land leading to natural disasters. To rejuvenate our planet, the cry is “GO GREEN”

GO GREEN applies to everyday life as well. The most commonly used metal for infrastructure and buildings is steel because steel is a strong metal adaptable for various uses. Most of the steel globally is made in coal-fired blast furnaces, which pump large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere leaving huge carbon footprints. In the current scenario, it is very critical to save the planet by reducing carbon footprint. The latest technology is the production of Green Steel. (Courtesy money

How can steel be green? Or what is Green steel?

Green steel does not mean the corrosion of metal or the green coating we see on various metals. It simply means that the manufacturing process has been adapted to reduce the emission of carbons as much as possible and further use all by-products of steel in other forms to avoid wastage as well as to economize. In the manufacture of green steel, fossil fuels are not used at all because such fuels discharge a lot of carbon emissions. The latest and so far the best trend in manufacturing green steel  is using low-carbon energy sources manufacturing units such as hydrogen, coal gasification, or electricity instead of the traditional and dated carbon-intensive coal-fired plants

How is green steel manufactured? The manufacture of green steel requires updated technology, state-of-the-art manufacturing units and, most of all, the diligence to pursue the technology required to sustain the manufacturing process. It is not only the manufacturing process and greenhouse emissions that give the tag of GREEN STEEL.  Recovery of the wasted heat and optimum re-cycling of waste material is very critical in making GREEN STEEL, like utilizing by-products and waste materials to produce Fly Ash Bricks and Blocks. Using Waste and blow-down water from Water Treatment Plants and Boilers for dust suppression and other cooling purposes

Sunvik has always taken the energy-efficient approach. 90% of the power is generated in-house using solar, wind, biogas and captive power (using the excess heat from the furnace to generate electricity). This approach enhances the production of high-quality products while simultaneously contributing towards the betterment of the environment.

Established in 2003, Sunvik Steels Private Limited is proud to be the first Integrated Steel Plant in South India. With a vision to forge sustainable steel, the Company‘s focus is on Innovation, Technology, and Sustainability to be the foremost producer of Green Steel.

Sunvik has been honoured as the “Most Trusted Eco-friendly Green TMT” at ET Achievers Award. Sunvik Steels has been awarded ISO Certificates for quality management Systems, Environmental management systems, Energy management systems, and Occupational health and safety management systems, proving their vision and mission to manufacture GREEN STEEL.

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