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Man has abused the earth since the time of industrialization, advancement of technology and change in lifestyle in ways that have impacted the very existence of the planet. After years of exposure and campaigns by conservationists and activists, the world has woken up to the fact that the planet is moving towards doom and has to be saved.

Be it an industry or a single person, each and everyone contributes to pollution, carbon emissions and depletion of natural resources. The best option now to conserve the environment is “ZERO WASTE”

Zero Waste philosophy subscribes to managing materials in ways that preserve and reduce the impact on the environment and conserve natural resources, especially by re-using or re-cycling the by-products and managing waste and waste disposal.

Experts say that eliminating waste reduces pollution, reduces costs and conserves raw materials.

According to Wikipedia – Zero Waste: The conservation of all resources by means of responsible production, consumption, reuse and recovery of all products, packaging and materials, without burning them and without discharges to land, water or air that threaten the environment or human health.

Zero waste was drafted for waste prevention by redefining production practices and encouraging the redesigning of natural resource life cycles for use and reuse over and over again. This would also reduce the need for landfill areas where toxins are released into the air causing severe health hazards.

For industries, a zero solid waste system is very essential because it is this waste which pollutes the atmosphere as effluents or in gaseous or solid forms.

Steel-producing industries are the largest and, consequently, the most polluting industry.  It is essential for these units to control their waste and conserve the environment. Scientific advancement and progress in technology have defined ways and means to control carbon emissions to the extent that there is zero waste produced. Right from producing their own energy and electricity for the functioning of the production unit to using waste to create by-products

Sunvik Steels have been very conscious of the threat to nature. They have adopted the zero waste policy in their manufacturing unit by producing their own electricity and reducing the use of natural resources. Eliminating waste by manufacturing by-products like Flyash etc, treating whatever waste has been produced, and creating a green & eco-friendly atmosphere in the vicinity of their manufacturing facility. Recently, Sunvik has been honoured as the “Most Trusted Eco-friendly Green TMT” at ET Achievers Award.

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