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There was a time when residential and commercial buildings in India were built with unprocessed iron rods and concrete slabs. There seemed to be an issue with this nature of construction; the rods were vulnerable to rust and corrosion which affected the stability of the structures in the long run. They became unsafe, unreliable, and prone to frequent repairs and leakage. There was a growing dissatisfaction among the project owners.

After exploring the options in construction materials, engineers and architects came to rely on TMT steel bars as a solution for the recurring issues. The first and most important fact about the TMT bars was that they brought in the element of strength, rigidity and flexibility to the process of construction and to the structure; they made structures more safe and reliable. TMT bars have also brought in a change in the use of concrete… in the form of ribs on the TMT bar for better bonding with cement.

Owing to their strength, TMT bars are generally used in construction as reinforcement for concrete to support the structure. Being strong as well as flexible, TMT bar serves as a wonderful base construction material for all sizes of buildings and construction ranges, like residential buildings, commercial spaces, towers, flyovers, dams, cantilever structures, bridges, pillars, tunnels, statues and other load bearing structures.

Advantages of using TMT Bars in construction…

    • They are incredibly flexible to bend into any form, shape or frame.
    • They can withstand the pressure of fire and earthquake.
    • They are easy to transport due to their lightweight built.
    • They can increase the pace of the construction process.
    • They have Xtra malleability, ductility, weldability and bonding strength.
    • They can be recycled and reused without any loss of quality.

When it comes to your projects make sure you have the right brand of TMT Steel…

All TMT Steel brands claim to manufacture their product in a perfect process. But it is important to make sure that the TMT Steel you are going to use in your construction is manufactured in a thoroughly supervised, quality controlled environment. Sunvik TMT Steel is one of the safer bets. It is a promise in itself. Sunvik doesn’t just produce TMT Steel bars; it produces TMT Steel bars with Inner Strength.

This fact is validated by the Times Group who have awarded Sunvik the prestigious,
“Times Business Award for The True and Most Reliable TMT Brand.”

As a result of Xtra Ductility, Xtra Flexibility, Xtra Bendability and Xtra Weldability, all contributing to the Inner Strength of Sunvik TMT Steel, it gives:

  • Better safety of structures
  • Easy on site working
  • Fire resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Earthquake resistance
To know more about Sunvik TMT and the local availability, please contact us:

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