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  • The quality of bending easily without breaking.
  • The ability to be easily modified.

This is the dictionary definition of the word “Flexibility”. As the world celebrates International Yoga Day on the 21st of June, we thought it is only befitting to discuss the significance of flexibility in a TMT Steel Bar.

One can attain a lot of positive characteristic traits with regular practice of yoga, like, peace of mind, patience, restraint and inner strength. What one learns to do is, be in control, of movements and emotions by being flexible. Flexibility is not just important for the body, but also for the mind, it’s how one observes the surroundings and adjusts to the situation.

As in human beings, so in TMT Steel Bar, the meaning and the spirit of the word “flexibility” does not change. We all know how human beings can achieve flexibility… doing yoga! But what about the TMT bar?

How does a TMT steel bar get its flexibility?

We have already discussed in one of our previous blogs what TMT in TMT steel bars stands for, it is: “Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) bars”. Thermal processing involves compression and rolling through heat-treatment and water quenching; heating and cooling at various temperatures.

When the TMT Bar comes in contact with cold water during the quenching process, the outer surface hardens and becomes martensite, whereas the inner core remains soft. During the water spray process, the TMT Bar becomes highly tensile, meaning easily mouldable. This is the ferrite-pearlite structure, and that is how the TMT Bar attains the flexibility that the entire construction industry (all types of construction purposes) today depends on.

How does flexibility of TMT Bar help in construction?

Advantages of flexibility during construction:

One of the most recognizable occupations associated with construction is, bar bending; it forms the crux of construction. Bars have to be resized, bent and shaped according to requirement, needless to mention it is a difficult process. This is where flexibility in TMT steel bars comes to everybody’s help

Because TMT bars are flexible, without putting much effort or time they can easily be bent into required sizes and moulded into required shapes. That means bar bending will take less manpower and manhours, and the construction will be completed on schedule and efficiently.

Furthermore, modern construction requires bending and re-bending, and TMT bars are designed to go through the rigors. Conclusively, the flexibility of TMT Bars reduces the strain on everyone involved.

Advantages of flexibility after construction:

With the tough outer core and soft inner core, when pushed by an external force a TMT bar can bend to an extreme degree and come back to its original position without a strain on the body. It is the attribute of flexibility that gives TMT bar its inner strength to withstand all odds.

Flexibility gives TMT bars the quality of Xtra Elongation without compromising the measurement. This quality in a TMT Bar is important to take the xtra load from any external force, be it earthquake, floods or hurricane. The construction industry of countries prone to earthquake depend on TMT Bars for their tenacity.

550 Grade TMT Bars are preferred for building robust infrastructure:

As per ISO Standards, Fe 550 grade TMT Bars have the ultimate tensile strength of 585 N/mm2. The chemical composition is another factor that gives TMT bar its flexibility. But the composition has to be maintained meticulously at the manufacturing plant to standards prescribed by ISO, in order to have optimized flexibility.

The True TMT coming out of Sunvik Steel plant has the perfect balance of dedicated employees who understand the importance of personal & structural safety and good manufacturing practices, which in combination delivers a product that is unmatched.

When you choose TMT steel for your construction, choose the TRUE TMT with the ultimate balance of Inner Strength and Flexibility, which keeps your building strong far longer than your expectations.

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