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none “The determination to stay TRUE to principles and promises, against all odds.”

It’s a proven fact that when it comes to construction of a structure, the only thing that matters is integrity. Integrity of people involved in the construction including, architects, engineers, craftsmen, contractors, construction crew, etc., and integrity of materials used, from cement to ingredients making up the concrete, to choice of wood, to choice of reinforcement, integrity is the only thing that holds a structure together for a long time. And integrity is only the by-product of Inner Strength. Weather it’s a human being or a structure, if it is built with Inner Strength, it will prove its integrity.


When it comes to man-made building structures, whether its beautiful heavy duty bridge, a decent size commercial building or a small house, they all have an estimated lifetime after which they start to show signs of wear and tear. With proper periodic maintenance these signs can be delayed or when the signs actually start to show, they can be retouched.

This is the general idea we have of a structure, which isn’t wrong. That’s a proven theory, that is what we have studied and that is what we have heard from people from generations. But, there can be two other relative theories to this theory:

    • The structure will not last its estimated lifetime because there was a
      lapse in judgement, in choosing right people and TRUE material. It will
      wearout long before it was supposed to. And in some cases the structure
      could collapse immediately after construction… only in its infant stages.
    • The structure could last way longer than its expected lifetime, owing to the perfect choice of personnel and material.

The difference between #1. and #2. is, INTEGRITY. They say Inner Strength attracts Inner Strength, it will always guide you to do the TRUE thing.

With the emergence of innovative ways to produce materials in the construction field, it is currently possible to build structures that are more strong and durable in the new times that we live in. But it all starts with maintaining the integrity of the material while in production.

Making the TRUE choice.

The reasons for premature collapsing of any structure is ineffective construction processes that include the use of materials that do not fall under the recommended standard or may be of low quality. Sometimes it could happen that we are misguided by the influences of various factors, lack of information, lack of access to the materials in the vicinity, or one the most important influences, cheaply priced materials. It’s a natural attraction. Why not? When it gives the same promise?

But, there is a difference between cheap and economical. When a product promises to be economical, what it actually means is, the innovation has taken a new direction, leading to deliver a product in its best form at a reduced cost, while maintaining the high standards of the product.

We all know that TMT steel is not only the most preferred reinforcement material, but also the most important building material. Because TMT steel forms the Inner Strength of the structure.

What more do you want for your construction project’s Inner Strength, than a TMT steel that is prudently and cautiously produced with Inner Strength, that brings all the integrity needed for the looong life of your structure.

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