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The foundation and construction of a building give the project longevity. Longevity depends on the raw material used for construction. The mainstay, spine or backbone of any construction is the TMT bar.

What is a TMT bar? TMT bars are steel bars that go through “ Thermo Mechanical Treatment’ TMT bars have colossal strength and all other properties of a steel bar, like earthquake resistance, weather resistance, durability, ductility, flexibility bondability, which add many years to the life of any edifice

Because of their immense strength and enriched properties, TMT bars are used in every type of construction like Infrastructural bridges, flyovers, dams, airports, bus depots, train stations, metros, underground and overhead passages, High rise buildings, schools/universities, hospitals, residential and commercial complexes and stand-alone homes and villas.

Seismic quakes are earth-shattering disasters and are capable of bringing down strong buildings. For this reason, science and technology have defined and refined steel bars. TMT bars can withstand seismic tremors and add strength and years to the life of the edifices.

Since every type of construction uses TMT bars, they are graded as per strength, ductility, flexibility, rigidity, bondability, earthquake resistance, corrosion resistance, and weather resistance. A civil engineer, project engineer or architect will have the knowledge of the type of TMT bars ideal for a specific project site.

TMT bars are graded as per their strength and ductility. For example, the construction of a standalone villa and construction of a commercial or residential complex will need different grades of TMT bars. For this reason, TMT bars are graded as Fe-500, Fe-550, Fe 550 D. Here, Fe denotes iron, 500 denotes minimum yield stress, and D denotes ductility.

It is essential to choose the right TMT bar for each and every kind of construction, especially in seismically active areas. TMT bars are most important for the strength, durability and life of any construction, even against earthquakes. Therefore, it is best to choose a suitable grade of TMT bars for a stress-free construction project.

Sunvik Steels have incorporated the latest technology for manufacturing best-in-class TMT bars. They are committed to quality and providing customer satisfaction at every level. Sunvik Steels have also incorporated procedures to reduce pollution and preserve natural resources.

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